Caprine Ovine Intravaginal Device
What is DICO?
DICO is an intravaginal device which contains 0.3g of natural progesterone. Moreover, Progesterone in DICO is impregnated in a silicone matrix which is released gradually when inserted. As a result, blood plasma progesterone concentration increases (about 2 hours after insertion) causing regression of dominant follicle and emergence of a new follicular wave. Finally, at the end of treatment, DICO is removed and progesterone levels return to basal level.
Comparison of Progesterone Release Over Time Between CIDR-G and DICO
Why use DICO?
1.    Oestrus synchronisation in sheep and goats for in as well as out of breeding season for increased farm income and easier flock management.
2.    Oestrus synchronisation in sheep and goats for the purpose of Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer.
3.    To maximise return on investment by successfully lambing three times in two years and to increase number of lambs born per lambing in less prolific sheep breeds.
Dosage and Application
Traditional approach for sheep and goat within and out of season breeding:
Day 0: Insert DICO Progesterone.
Day 12-14: Remove DICO + inject 300 – 400 IU eCG (Novormon).
For natural mating, put the rams in after injection of eCG.
For FTAI: Inseminate 48-52 hours after device removal.
Short term protocol for sheep and goat within and out of season breeding:
Day 0: Insert DICO Progesterone
Day 6: Remove DICO + inject ½ ml Prostaglandin + 400 IU eCG (Novormon).
For natural mating, put the rams in immediately after injection of eCG.
For FTAI: Inseminate 48-52 hours after device removal.
Additional Information
For superovulation and embryo transfer, we can provide full technical support upon request.
Packaging: Water proof sealed bags containing 50 DICO per bag. Also includes applicators free of charge.
Storage: Between 10°C – 30°C.
Withdrawal period: Nil.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Difference Between DICO and CIDR-G?
Technically, DICO and CIDR-G are very similar since they both have sustained release of 0.3 g natural progesterone. In fact, numerous studies show DICO is as effective as CIDR-G in controlling plasma progesterone concentration, follicular dynamics and the time of ovulation. Futhermore, the pregnancy rate for both products is also very similar. For example, the pregnancy rate to AI for DICO is 55.7% and for CIDR-G 55.8%, respectively. Finally, from a practical point of view, the shape of DICO may offer better retention in older ewes.
Can DICO be used More Than Once?
Yes, subject to the duration of the first application. During the first 6 days of treatment, approximately half of the progesterone impregnated in DICO is released and absorbed. Therefore, as long as the first time use of DICO is no longer than 6 days, DICO can be reused for another 6-days treatment protocol. However, the second reuse of DICO produces lower levels of plasma progesterone. This lower level is still enough to block or control LH pulsatility and ovulation in sheep. Nevertheless, there is evidence that using DICO for a second time may fail to induce a new follicular wave in about 20% of the sheep and goats. Hence, the aging dominate follicle from the previous wave ovulate, which will have lower pregnancy rate.
Should we Expect any Vaginal Discharge from DICO?
No. DICO is made from medical grade silicone rubber. Therefore, it is not expected to produce any vaginal discharge, adhesion or discomfort as long as the ewe’s reproductive tract has been free from infection or any abnormality before DICO is inserted. Discharge is normally caused by sponges that are synthetic porous material which collect vaginal fluid.
What is the Difference in Performance Between Conventional 12-14 Days Treatment or 6 Days Short Protocol?
A short, 6 days treatment protocol offers the following advantages compared to conventional 12-14 days treatment:
•    Possibility of re-using the DICO for a second time to make it more economical.
•    The breeding season is shorter by one week specially if you are using natural mating in group breeding.
•    Better pregnancy rate.

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