Equine Chorionic Gonadotropin (eCG, PMSG)

What is Novormon (eCG, PMSG)?
Novormon is the trade name of Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotrophin (PMSG) manufactured by Syntex. Furthermore, it’s also known as (eCG) equine chorionic Gonadotrophin. Naturally, it’s produced by the endometrial cups of the chorionic girdle in the placenta between day 40 and 130 of the mares pregnancy. Then, after collection from the mare it is purified, sterilised and freeze dried for use in reproductive programmes in cattle, sheep and many other species.
In addition, Novormon has dual action, binding both to FSH and LH receptors. Furthermore, it stimulates follicular development and ovulation. In sheep, PMSG is normally used after a period of exposure to Progesterone vaginal device such as DICO. In summary, administration of Novormon (eCG, PMSG) coupled with removal the Progesterone device optimises the fertility of the subsequent ovulation.
Dosage and Application
Indications for use of Novormon (PMSG, eCG) in Sheep and Goats
within the breeding
season    – Provides shorter breeding time as part of synchrony
– Increases number of lambs born in less prolific ewes
– Improves breeding management by better planning for lambing
– Produces a uniform crop of lambs for specific markets.

Dose rate: Inject 200 IU after removal of progesterone device. If higher
lambing rate is required increase the dose rate to 400 -500 IU.
Synchronisation for
out of breeding
season    – Achieves higher value of sale for time of the year when market prices are highest.
– Improves lambing rate in less prolific breeds
– Enables three time lambing in two years to maximise the return on the investment.

Dose rate: Inject 400-600 IU after removal of Progesterone device.
synchronisation for
supper ovulation and
Embryo transfer    For artificial Insemination via laparoscopic or cervical AI.
Dose rate: Inject 800-1000 IU after removal of Progesterone device.
Additional Information
Dilution of Novormon before use: Novormon is available in multi dose vials of 20,000, 5000, and 1000 IU which come with diluents. Once the freeze dried powder is reconstituted with the diluent provided, concentration of the solution becomes 200IU eCG/ml.
Storage: Novormon is a biological product and thus subject to deterioration if not stored in the correct conditions. Therefore, best quality is preserved when kept refrigerated between 2-8°C at all times. Once reconstituted, its shelf life becomes limited and any unused product must be kept refrigerated for maximum of 21 days after reconstitution. Furthermore, the reconstituted Novormon can also be frozen if the reuse expectation will exceed 21 days.
In general, Novormon is a very stable product once in the freeze dried form. Although it is required to be stored at 2-8°C for long term storage, for short transport in warm climates it must be in cool box packed with ice. Additionally, when transporting in cool climates, a cool box or well insulated box should be adequate.
Please note: Excessive exposure to ambient temperature may deteriorate the product and compromise performance.
Keep Novormon out of reach of children.

Syntex, Argentina